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“Le Petit Moulin”

April 20-May 7 2017, 2016 at The Ritz Theater

At the tail end of WW1 the Parisian nightclub, Le Petit Moulin is struggling to stay afloat. Join us in the journey of two sisters and a remarkable group of women as their passion for dance and fight for survival sparks the birth of the Cancan and one of the most famous cabarets in history.

Featuring bold choreography and raw talent, “Le Petit Moulin” fuses dance, theater and live music into an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss this limited run.

"Le Petit Moulin" - April 20–May 7, The Ritz Theater


March 10-20, 2016 at The Ritz Theater

COLLIDE Theatrical Dance Company presents a modern twist on the classic Bram Stoker novel, “Dracula” at The Ritz Theater. This full-length jazz dance musical features ten professional dancers, two vocalists and a live band in a moving re-telling of the well-known tale. The energetic pop music score featuring songs by artists such as Bon Jovi, Nirvana, and The Foo Fighters will lure you in to a world of passion, lust and love.

COLLIDE takes a modern take on the classic novel, set in 2016 New York City. Our original theatrical production fuses the talents of  ten professional dancers, two vocalists, and six musicians.  Featuring Michael Hanna, Renee Guittar, Katie Gearty, Rush Benson, Regina Peluso, Riley Weber, Alannah Renstrom, Rebecca Abroe, and Tony Vierling. Directed by Joshua Campbell, Choreographed by Regina Peluso with Music Direction by Doug Rohde.

“CLU- A Murder Mystery Dance Musical”

November 12-22, 2015 at The Ritz Theater

Welcome to the Highcrest Mansion, but be careful not to be caught in the dark! This widely entertaining production features six dancers, two vocalists and a three piece band in a murder mystery like you have never seen it before … where the AUDIENCE gets to choose the ending!

“Zoot Suit Riots”

March 5-15, 2015 at The Lab Theater

It’s 1943, and the Zoot Suit racial riots are triggered in Los Angeles. When the trouble spreads to Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, the first integrated dance club in the heyday of jazz, the fate of two childhood best friends is thrown into jeopardy. The production features live music, vocals, professional dancers, jazz, tap and more!

Schedule of production: Zoot Suit Riots

“Class of ’85”

October 9-19, 2014 at The Southern Theater

Remember your favorite movies from the 1980s? The Breakfast Club? Pretty in Pink?

Come visit the “Class of ’85” … where the secrets hidden behind High School stereotypes are unmasked and the fight to win Prom King and Queen is derailed.

This high-energy dance production featured eight professional dancers, two outstanding vocalists and a LIVE band.

Schedule of production: Class of '85


April 10-20, 2014 at  The Lab Theater

COLLIDE showcased its modern-day version of Shakespeare’s classic love story, “Romeo + Juliet” in April 2014. We thank the more than 1,400 patrons who made this performance a success.

Set in Brooklyn in 2005, the bare-knuckle world of New York City politics has created a blood feud between the Montague and Capulet families that has endured for generations, always simmering just below the surface and occasionally erupting into public view, sometimes with tragic consequences.

The production featured ten professional dancers, two vocalists, original Shakespearean text and a 4 String Quartet playing popular music hits from artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and U2.


SEPTEMBER 19-29, 2013 at The Southern Theater

COLLIDE returned in September 2013 with its world premiere Broadway-style dance musical, “The Belmont Hotel”. We thank the more than 900 patrons who made this performance a success. Read what our audience and critics had to say about “The Belmont Hotel“:

– “News flash! There’s a new theatrical dance company in town and it’s the real McCoy. For Fosse/Robbins fans it’s a fabulous fix.” –

The story centered on hotel owner Frank Dougherty’s determination to provide for his family during the 1920’s Prohibition Era. When Frank is faced with the prospect of having to close the hotel doors, he is forced to make a decision that can put his life, and that of his family, in great danger.

The Belmont Hotel” was performed in the narrative dance style of Broadway’s Tony Award Winning “Movin’ Out” and featured live vocals by Twin Cities Jazz veteran Katie Gearty and upcoming recording artist Cameron Wright. The production, choreographed and directed by Regina Peluso, featured the dance talents of Jeff Quast, Dora Dolphin, Renee Guittar, Patrick Jeffrey and Elander Rosser and was complemented by a talented cast of ensemble dancers, actors, and musicians. 

Professionally recorded CDs featuring our lead vocalist Katie Gearty are available for sale. For purchase, please contact us at

Photography by V. Paul Virtucio




February 14-17, 2013 at The Southern Theater

COLLIDE’s debut performance showcased its original dance musical “Lot of Living To Do.” We thank the more than 500 patrons who attended the four day run. You made COLLIDE’s debut performance a delightful success. Read what our audience had to say about “Lot of Living to Do”:

– “One of the best dance performances I’ve seen in ages.”

– “It was a brilliant combination of actors, dancers and jazz performers not to be missed!” 

– “Three piece jazz ensemble, 2 extremely talented vocalists, and a cast of top-notch dancers who at times made my jaw drop.”

Inspired by famed St. Paul city madam, Nina Crawford, “Lot of Living to Do” portrayed the struggles and hopes of three young women who were thrown into a life of hardship during the 1930s. 

The performance featured the live vocals of Katie Gearty and Jared Oxborough and the dance talents of Lauren Anderson, Galen Higgins, Renee Guittar, Kelly Adams and Jeff Quast. And complemented by a talented ensemble of dancers, actors, and musicians. 

Professionally recorded CDs featuring our lead vocalist Katie Gearty are available for sale. For purchase, please contact us at



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