Performance Season

Collide’s 8th performance season focuses on the power of human connection, and these stories could not be more relevant in our society today. The Covid-19 pandemic left many of us yearning for deeper human connection as an antidote to loss, loneliness, and social isolation. Meanwhile, our country is struggling with cultural and racial divides and looking for ways that we can listen and connect with each other. Storytelling, art, and engaging in communal experiences are vital to ourselves and neighbors as we re-emerge and come together.

Mainstage Show

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October 7–24, 2021

The Southern Theater

Collide reimagines the classic Mary Shelley novel from the author's perspective. Her remarkable story is told in parallel with the infamous tale of a creature's hunger for love and connection. Featuring Collide favorites Patrick Jeffrey and Renee Guittar. 

Mainstage Show

Class of 85 Logo.jpg

April 14–May 1, 2022

 Collide's dance theater spin-off, inspired by the John Hughes movies of the 1980’s, celebrates the secrets behind high school stereotypes and the need for inclusion and acceptance. With high-energy dance, big hair, and radical music.

Cabaret Series

December 3–12, 2021

Featuring a live band and Collide dancers, this celebration of classic holidays will have you dancing in your seats and spreading joy throughout the season. Directed by Heather Brockman. 

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Cabaret Series

A Candlelight Cabaret

February 11–19, 2022

A candlelight performance featuring intersecting love stories told through dance and music. Directed by Renee Guittar. 

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Cabaret Series

May 20-22, 2022

Director Allyson Richert curates an evening of original dance storytelling pieces rooted in the Black experience. Featuring local spoken word artist Carnage the Executioner.

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