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Performance Season

We are very excited to share our 9th season of dance theater with you, and we have created a robust program that includes a co-partnership, four original productions, and our first dance musical with original rock music. 


During this turbulent time in history, we continue to be tested by senseless events that can overwhelm our sense of decency, fairness, and our very own humanity. However, our capacity to endure—and often triumph—in the face of adversity is remarkable. While widely different, each of the productions in our upcoming season share a common message about human endurance and our ability to overcome. 

We look forward to sharing our 9th season with you.

September 8–October 2, 2022

Welcome to Wonderland, a premier psychiatric hospital. Dr. Knight has the difficult task of treating a man who refers to himself as a “White Rabbit” who suffers from a severe anxiety disorder, a young woman named Alice with body dysmorphia, and a Queen figure suffering from narcissistic rage. But as the doctor digs deeply into the causes and roots of their disorders he begins to ask: what does “normal” really mean?


Collide brings its newly improved hit production onto the stage in a co-production with Artistry Theater.

Seven Deadly Sins LOGO.jpg

October 21–November 6, 2022

The seven cardinal vices are related in parallel to modern life. Told through an eclectic mix of dance styles and popular music, this production is sure to entertain, amuse, and challenge your perception of right and wrong.

March 23–April 9, 2023

When a mysterious illness befalls a Viking clan, a young woman is called to fulfill her destiny as a great warrior leader in a battle for the cure against a Christian army. 

Featuring an original pop rock/rap score composed by Twin Cities musician Mike Michel (Bill Mike Band), with lyrics by vocalists Rush Benson (Ordway) and Katie Gearty (Dakota Jazz Club).

SKOL (1).png
OUr Stories-2-2_edited.jpg

May 12-14, 2023

An evening of original dance storytelling centered on the non-binary and LGBTQIA experience that seeks to inform, educate, and entertain audiences of all ages. Enjoy dance theater in an intimate setting with cabaret-style seating and complimentary beverages.

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