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Since Collide began in 2013, we’ve created 21 original storytelling dance musicals. In our new cabaret series, which we introduced last season, an all-Black cast shared their own powerful stories (Our Stories: Chapter 1) and we celebrated the holidays (Holiday Celebration and Romance: A Candlelight Cabaret). This year we will reprise our hit show about mental health (Wonderland - 2021 & 2022) that resonates with audiences of all ages.

We’ve presented subjects as diverse as the Los Angeles race riots of the 1940s (Zoot Suit Riots), a Prohibition-era story (Belmont Hotel), prostitution and sex trafficking (Lot of Living to Do), bullying and coming-of-age journeys (Class of ’85 - 2014 & 2022), and female empowerment (Le Petit Moulin).

We've also created comic farces (C.L.U.), true stories (Dance ‘Til You Drop, Stand By Me) and modern takes on classic stories (Romeo & Juliet - 2014 & 2020, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Dracula - 2016 & 2017, The Great Gatsby, and The Picture of Dorian Gray). During the pandemic restrictions of 2020, we were among the first to perform a show outdoors–and in the rain! (The Café)

What People Are Saying

“Delightfully dazzling”

-Audience member

“A highly entertaining evening”


“Spectacular and striking”


“A production bursting with energy and imagination”


“When I saw Wonderland my first thought was, 'This performance HAS to be in schools.'”

-Social worker & audience member

Mary Shelley's

The Southern Theater 2021

Directed and choreographed by Regina Peluso and Heather Brockman. Additional choreography by the company. Featuring Betsy Nelson, Patrick Jeffrey, Renee Guittar, Grace Janiszewski, Megan Carver, Brian Bose, and Ben Siglin.


Romeo & Juliet

The Cowles Center 2020

"Seven Nation Army" excerpt. Tap choreography by Kaleena Miller. Videography by Steve Campbell, with music arrangements by Shannon Van Der Reck.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Park Square Theater 2019

Directed by Michael Hanna, choreographed by Regina Peluso, and with music arrangements by Shannon Van Der Reck. Featuring an all-female cast led by Brittany Keefe, Chelsea Rose, Heather Brockman, and Katie Bradley.

The Great Gatsby

The Ritz Theater 2018

Choreographed by Regina Peluso and directed by Joshua Campbell. Featuring Patrick Jeffrey, Jarod Boltjes, Chelsea Rose, and Grace Janiszewski.


The Ritz Theater 2017

Choreographed by Regina Peluso and directed by Joshua Campbell with music direction and arrangements by Doug Rohde. Featuring Michael Hanna, Renee Guittar, Andrea Mislan, Rush Benson, Cameron Meilicke, and Patrick Jeffrey.

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