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Teach Me

In 2021 we produced "TEACH ME" - an educational music video about the Black influence on American Jazz Dance History. Thank you to the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for making this possible.

Writer/Director: Rush Benson

Choreographer: Chelsea Rose

Videographer: Lucas Wells

Dancers: Emily Madigan, Anton Harrison LaMon, Brian Bose, Patrick Jeffrey, Darrius Strong and Gabrielle Abram. 



Welcome to the Bottie Mansion, where murder and blackmail are on the menu for this evening's dinner party. Was it the the bedroom...with the knife? Or perhaps the the parlor…with the candlestick holder? Get ready as Collide brings its unique blend of dance theater to a murder mystery. 



When a mysterious illness befalls a Viking clan, a young woman is called to fulfill her destiny as a great warrior leader in a battle for the cure with the Christian army. Inspired by the Norse gods, her journey tests the boundaries of her faith, shakes the ground of the relationships with the men dearest in her life, and causes her to question the definition of female strength.

Class of 85

Class of '85

Secrets hidden behind high school stereotypes will be unmasked—but will the race to win Prom King and Queen be derailed? This fun romp through the 1980s celebrates the need for inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. If you liked The Breakfast Club, you will love Class of '85. 



Welcome to Wonderland, a premier psychiatric hospital. Dr. Knight has the difficult task of treating a man who refers to himself as a “White Rabbit” who suffers from a severe anxiety disorder, a young woman named Alice with body dysmorphia, and a Queen figure suffering from narcissistic rage.  But as the doctor digs deeply into the causes and roots of their disorders he begins to ask: what does “normal” really mean?



Told from author Mary Shelley's point of view, this dance theater production is a high-energy 75-minute reflection of the classic novel. Filmed at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis, critics called it "a thrilling ride" and "a gorgeous dance tribute to the woman behind the monster."


Romance: A Candlelight Cabaret

A candlelight performance featuring intersecting love stories told through dance and music.

Directed by Renee Guittar and featuring dancers Megan Carver, Heather Brockman, Ben Siglin, Brett Pederson, Rachel Seeholzer, Regina Peluso and Javan Mngrezzo. 

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

The seven cardinal vices are related in parallel to modern life. Meet the lustful Wall Street broker, gluttonous bachelorette, greedy fashionista, envious influencer, and more. Told through an eclectic mix of dance styles and popular music, this production is sure to entertain, amuse, and challenge your perception of right and wrong.

Stand By Me

Stand By Me

 Set in a 1950s diner, our virtual presentation presents a series of love stories inspired by true events.  Featuring Collide dancers Rush Benson, Heather Brockman, Brett Pederson, Jarod Boltjes, Betsy Nelson, Regina Peluso, and Chelsea Rose. 

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