Virtual Stage

Due to the pandemic, we had to get creative with our shows. That led to us being able to create some incredible shows that were able to be viewed virtually by audiences from all over! We are excited to continue offering a chance to watch our shows, even as we start to move back into a theater. We hope you enjoy one (or both) of our shows on our Virtual Stage!


Welcome to WonderLand, a premier psychiatric hospital. Dr. Knight has the difficult task of treating a man who refers to himself as a “White Rabbit” who suffers from a severe anxiety disorder, a young woman named Alice with body dysmorphia, and a Queen figure suffering from narcissistic rage.

But as the doctor digs deeply into the causes and roots of their disorders he begins to ask: what does “normal” really mean?

This production ran May-June, 2021, at various locations throughout the Twin Cities and virtually.

Featuring Collide dancers Rush Benson, Heather Brockman, Renee Guittar, Jarod Boltjes, Miranda Shaughnessy, Regina Peluso, Patrick Jeffrey, and Chelsea Rose.


Stand By Me

 Set in a 1950s diner, our virtual presentation presents a series of love stories inspired by true events.  Featuring Collide dancers Rush Benson, Heather Brockman, Brett Pederson, Jarod Boltjes, Betsy Nelson, Regina Peluso, and Chelsea Rose.


This production ran February-May, 2021, as a part of our Virtual Stage Series. 

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and culture heritage fund.